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The Royal British Legion Club Blandford is more than just a building; it's where Veterans find a listening ear, families share laughter, and everyone can enjoy a sense of belonging.

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Times Are Tough, But So Are We

We all know it's been a rough patch economically, and every one of us is feeling it. Despite this, our spirit at the Club has never wavered. Our goal? To keep our doors open to all, keep our event prices as low as possible, and sprinkle a little more joy into our gatherings. To make all this happen, we're reaching out for a helping hand.

Every Penny Counts

Your support, no matter the size, is like a seed that helps our community flourish. Here’s what your generousity could help us achieve:

  • Affordability: We’re committed to keeping the Club accessible, ensuring no one misses out due to cost.

  • More Events: With your help, we can host more events that bring smiles and laughter to all members of the Blandford community.

  • A Stronger Community: Every donation helps strengthen the bond within our Club, making it a beacon of friendship and support.

Donate Today

Thank you for your donation enquiry! Our team will be in touch soon to take payment.

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